After going through immigration and picking up your baggage, you have to go through Customs control where you will find two circuits:


Bear in mind that:

  • The Customs Authority controls every person, means of transportation and items, including baggage and household goods, in accordance with General Customs Law
  • Likewise, it can establish travelers or crew member’s inspection and physical inspection of their baggage, household items or clothing and items for personal use, at any moment during the control, by using technological instruments for such purpose.

Goods in custody:

You may leave declared goods or articles in custody of the Customs authority when:

  1. You do not pay duties in that moment,
  2. You bring restricted items and do not have the legal requirements for entering them into the country;
  3. You bring goods or items not considered as baggage, which should be subject to a customs procedure other than baggage.

In these cases, you will receive a custody receipt for the goods o items, which will be used to carry out the corresponding customs procedures.