The goods and articles subject to tax payment and that you must declare by submitting the Baggage Declaration, are the following:

Baggage and/or items paying duties Items or articles not considered in the listing detailed as "nothing to declare", up to US$ 1,000, pay 12%. For higher amounts, taxes applicable to an importation are paid
Items excluded from the Procedure of Baggage and Household Goods
  • Parts or spare parts of motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds or ATVs, motor homes or trailers; boats of all kinds including jet skis and aircrafts (Drones).

  • Items owned by residents in border areas (subject to special regulations).
Restricted items
  • Agricultural products
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Flora and fauna
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Cultural heritage
  • Others, according to specific rules.
They require authorization from one or more competent entities for their entry.
Items for temporary entry Goods, equipment or tools that are individually identifiable, for professional or technical use, have to be placed in the process of temporary entry and a guarantee should be deposited for an amount equivalent to import duties.
The non-resident traveler may enter sports goods for the development of adventure tourism activities, and professional equipment corresponding to foreign press without a guarantee deposit.
Currency in cash and/or negotiable monetary instruments
  • You must file a declaration if you carry more than US$ 10,000.
  • No more than US$ 30,000 is allowed to entry.

Note: In both cases, if applicable, its equivalent in national or foreign currency should be considered.

About the currency declaration:

  • Negotiable financial instruments: there are considered as travelers checks; bearer checks, bearer notes (to be transferred upon delivery); bonds, bank certificates in foreign currency; Incomplete instruments signed or not (in which the amount is entered but the name of the beneficiary is omitted).

  • If you need to enter or remove from the country amounts higher than allowed, you must do so through companies belonging to the financial system